Stoned is all about the love for what nature has to offer, in particular: natural stone. Stoned wants to make the world a better place. Not only with our simple, timeless designs, but also with of our way of doing business. We constantly seek the right balance between aesthetics and ethics. 

Sustainability is what we strive for. That is why we work on a sustainability strategy with clear long-term goals. But what are we doing now?

We recycle packaging material. There is a good chance that you will receive your online order in a box that has already been used. Do we make a good first impression? It depends on how you look at it. The packaging may not be as sleek and spotless as our products, but in the end it's all about what’s inside.

Of course, our products must reach you in perfect condition. Also durable, right? We are constantly looking for the right way to pack online orders. The stuffing we use is biodegradable and therefore environment friendly. Our sometimes heavy, fragile products simply cannot make it to your front door without the necessary protection.

Turkey is the source of most of our marble. That is relatively close to Amsterdam, which makes contact with the workshops quite easy. Through visits we know the working conditions of the craftsmen there are good. Because a part of the finishing and packaging of our marble products takes place in the Netherlands, everything that is transported from Turkey to the Netherlands is very compactly packed without the use of unnecessary packaging material. A lot can fit in a truck, so we don't have to drive as often and therefore emit less CO2.

We work with natural stone. Mainly with marble, but also with travertine. Marble and travertine are extracted in quarries. Initially in the form of very large blocks. The workshops in Turkey process these huge blocks into plates or smaller blocks for easier processing. Natural stone is used as it is extracted from nature.

Parts that turn out to be unusable during extraction are ground into rubble. For example for the production of concrete. After use, the quarries are redesigned and integrated into the landscape.

The Blue Marble was founded in 2021. Stoned's little brother is investigating the possibilities of reusing leftover marble pieces. These are parts of marble that do not pass our quality control or that fall off during our production process. This often results in new products that find their way to the consumer through other channels. On the other hand, residual material is reused in projects by local Amsterdam artists.

Our focus is on quality and timeless design. Marble lasts a long time. Our sleek shapes and designs make our products timeless and suitable for any interior. We aim to design products that last from student rooms to adult or even retirement homes. And preferably be passed on to the next generation.