Put simply; Stoned is all about natural stone. Birthed in Amsterdam we create simple, basic designs for your home, some solid, some elegant too. All crafted using high-end natural stone.

We prefer to stay firmly rooted in simplicity. We make good, minimalist sh*t that does not go out of style.

We bring something exclusive, yet totally familiar. Serving and kitchen boards, cut and polished by hand in our small workshop, and other basic yet elegant designs. All made out of beautiful marble sourced from the Aegean coast and the Turkish countryside.


We think of our designs as being understated basics. It’s exclusive – every piece of stone is unique – yet pretty straightforward with a minimalist, easy-to-use approach.

Stoned is here to stay. In 2021 we started creatin' simple yet elegant designs in travertine also. And in the meantime onyx designs are added as well.

All stylish yet solid items with an easy-to-use approach, like bottle coolers, bowls, serving boards and vanity trays. All made out of high-end natural stone.

In our beloved Amsterdam neighborhood – where it all began – we now have our own shop and office space filled with urban and chique marble homeware, inspired by our open-minded hometown.

And there is much more to come...


Additionally there is ‘Stoned Studio’. A separate division within our company where we design and/or produce custom made marble pieces for other brands and companies.

Amongst them are HKliving, Scotch & Soda and Armani. Also marbleous ideas for your company? Just drop us a line at hallo@stonedstudio.amsterdam